Why Capitalend?

At Capitalend, we help our Broker Partners deliver a world class mortgage experience using the perfect blend of technology and human touch.

Competitive Pricing

We are committed to providing consistent and fair pricing to our Partners, throughout the year, every year. Many of our competitors will price their products in and out of the market as a reaction of poor planning, attempting to cover up deficiencies in current support levels. Capitalend believes that with proper strategic planning, our pricing should be competitive across all of our offered products, every day, regardless of market fluctuations. As we build a relationship together, you will find that we are very in-tune with where our competitors are and will make every effort to bring you the prices and rates you need to win out on as many deals as possible. Oh, and we do float-downs. Ask your Account Executive for the details!

Practical Products

We believe being awesome with limited weapons gives our Partners more value than being terrible at a lot. At Capitalend, we want to provide our Partners with products they can actually take into battle. We are more than just a Fannie/Freddie approved lender with no overlays. If we offer a program, we know how to underwrite it. All our programs are battle tested and products that have staying power, furthermore, we never offer something that is overly complex and/or seldomly used. Sign up today to learn more about our most current non-QM and non-agency programs!

Real Turn Times

We give our Partners turn time expectations that they can truly plan around. As our Partner you should know exactly where your loans are in queue and when the next best person will be ready to tackle your loan submission. Though we always strive for same day service, when we get busy, you should know. Your Account Manager will always give you full transparency of where your loans are and when you can expect your Approvals, CTCs and Docs. Get access to pipeline reports including details on purchase loans and appraisal reviews! Register today to start taking advantage of our awesome turn times!

Purchase Turn Times

Refinance Turn Times

Where We Lend

We’re not quite in all 50 states but we’re getting close. Click through to see a list of where we can help today and what’s still in the hopper. Capitalend wants to provide you access to the states you need to service ALL of your clientele. Not seeing a state that you need? Let your Account Executive know!

We want to earn your title of BEST LENDER. Talk to us, we’ll listen. Let’s do great things together!