Wholesale Account Manager

Job Purpose:

Compiles data from loan submission and performs routine tasks to set up and prepare loan files for underwriting by using knowledge of Capitalend, FNMA/FHLMC, FHA/VA, and investor’s guidelines. Also, collects and  reviews PTD/PTF conditions for underwriters to review.  Acting as point of contact, maintain and manage the wholesale loans in pipeline of the assigned account executives.  Communicate with involved parties in order to minimize underwriter’s time spent on dealing with brokers and other parties.


  • Send approvals/revised and suspense notifications to the brokers and account executives (within 30 minutes of receiving notice from the underwriter)
  • Prepare authorized PTF conditions for UW to sign off
  • Follow up and sometimes upload PTF conditions (e.g. VVOE, VOD, UCDP, tax transcripts, etc…)
  • When ready, request CD & Loan Docs
  • Request case# transfer (when applicable) to FHA insuring department
  • Monitor to make sure Desk Reviews are ordered by the brokers
  • Notify Broker of any problems ASAP (i.e. value or additional conditions)

Special Instructions:

  • Must be proficient in Encompass
  • Must be proficient in Program guidelines (FNMA/FHLMC/FHA/VA) and investor’s
  • Must be knowledgeable with TRID
  • Ability to effectively communicate and provide satisfactory customer service
  • Must be organized and work efficiently and promptly to all tasks
  • Do not contact borrowers to discuss or negotiate interest rates
  • Do not perform any tasks other than items listed above, unless requested by management
  • Do not add, waive or sign off any conditions